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Information required for budget pricing.

With respect to specifications and prices, we design our systems to each specific site in order to utilize the potential energy efficiently. Therefore, the following information is required in order to provide specifications and budget prices.

Please provide the information (the bold fields are required) for the site you are considering. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Please provide the following contact information:
Work Phone
Please provide the following site information or enter 'unknown' or 'N/A':
Site Location or Name
Reservoir at Intake (m3)   
Gross Head (m)   
Net Head at Design Flow (m)   
Design Flow l/s m3/s
Low Flow   
Average Flow   
Flow per Turbine   
Penstock Length (m)   
Penstock Inside Diameter (m)   
Penstock Material   
Powerhouse Elevation Above Sea Level (m)   
Power line length (m)   
Expected Output (kW)
Number of Turbines   
Generator Type Synchronous Induction
Phase Single Phase  Three Phase
Frequency 50 Hz  60 Hz 
Control method desired Automatic  Manual
Will the plant be connected to utility power? Yes  No 
Utility Voltage Volts
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