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Product and Services

Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) has an excellent reputation for designing, manufacturing and supplying very high quality components in our turbine packages at a very competitive price for small scale hydro plants.  The hydraulic performance of DTL ‘state of the art’ products is comparable to the large turbine manufacturers.  Every project is thoroughly engineered and checked to provide the most cost effective option for your site.

Our products include Pelton, Turgo, Francis, Kaplan, Propeller and Fixed Flow Pump turbines with a capacity up to 10 MW.  With this superior range of turbine types, a turbine can be selected and designed specifically based on the site hydraulic conditions of your project.

Turgo hydraulic turbine runnerPelton hydraulic turbine runnerFrancis hydraulic turbine runnerPelton hydraulic turbine runnerFrancis hydraulic turbine runner

We also offer our services for:

bulletEnergy Recovery Turbines
bulletMicro and Mini AC & DC Units
bulletSpecialized Mechanical Design
bulletRunner Replacement
bulletRefurbishing Turbines
bulletSite Assessments
bulletSpare Parts
bulletUsed Equipment
bulletPost Sales Service

We also have sites that are using turbines in potable water systems.


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