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Other Small Hydro Projects

These are a few of our sites in the 1 to 30 KW range. Small units such as these are generally single phase AC, with the smallest usually producing DC for battery charging.
13kW Pump Turbine in Malaysia
13 KW pump turbine with load dump in Malaysia.

6kW Pelton turbine in Japan

6 KW single nozzle Pelton in Japan.
Two nozzle 10 kW Pelton turbine generator.

Two nozzle 10 KW Pelton turbine.

2 kW DC system used for battery charging.

2 KW DC system using 2 nozzle Pelton.

Mechanical drive turbine

Turbine used for mechanical drive.

12 KW two nozzle Pelton turbine operating on 175 meter head.

12 KW two nozzle Pelton turbine.

Demonstration turbine showing principle of operation.

Demonstration turbine.

3 nozzle 5 kW Pelton turbine generator.

3 nozzle Pelton turbine generator.

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