Boston Bar Hydro

British Columbia, Canada



Turbines: Two, 0.65 m, two nozzle Turgos


Generators: Two, 3450 KW Kato @ 900 RPM


Rated head: 191 M


Rated flow: 2.3 M3/sec each

This facility was built by Algonquin Power Corp. which is an Independent Power Producer (IPP). The system has a low pressure penstock, surge tower and a high pressure penstock. The tail water discharges into the Fraser River. Power is sold to a utility by means of high tension power lines passing by this facility.



An intake pond and filter station at the head of the penstock.
The intake works in the hills above.

One of the two 3450 kW generators used by this IPP.
One of the two 3450 KW turbine generator units.

The Boston Bar power house is situated on the bank of the Fraser River. Connection to a near by utility line permits the sale of all electrical energy produced.
Power house on bank of Fraser River.

The switch gear and control equipment used at the Bostan Bar facility.
Switch gear and control equipment.

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