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Made in Canada


Tunnel Hill Hydro

California, USA



Turbine: One 510mm double nozzle Turgo


Generator: One 670kW US Motor Induction Generator @ 727 RPM


Rated head: 74.3m


Rated flow: 0.971m3/sec


Commissioned: June 2009

This hydroelectric power plant is located on the irrigation system of the Georgetown Divide Public Utilities District (GDPUD).  Currently owned and operated by Tunnel Hill Hydro LLC, this project was in operation from 1984 to 1998 when the original power contract expired, and was redeveloped by Henwood Associates, Inc. in February 2006.


Turgo Hydro Turbine Generator in California

Turbine and generator

Hydraulic Power Unit for the Turgo Turbine Generator in California
Hydraulic power unit for turbine operation


Turgo Hydro Turbine Generator in California





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