Sechelt Creek Hydroelectric Project - runner repair

Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: Two 4-jet vertical Pelton


Generator: Two 8333kVA GEC Alsthom @ 720 RPM


Rated head: 320m


Rated flow: 3.15m3/sec each turbine


Commissioned: 1997

A piece approximately 12 pounds was broken off one of the buckets in several occasions.  See picture below.  Positioning jigs were made to hold the piece on the bucket for welding.  All buckets were welded, ground and polished to remove holes and cavitation cavities.  The finished runner was checked for cracks using dye penetrant method.  Post weld heat treatment was performed, and the runner was checked for dynamic balance before it was sent back to the powerplant.  In July 2014, a new runner of a later design was supplied by DTL, and it produced 100-180kW more than the original runner.


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