Upper Mamquam G2 Refurbishment Project



Project location: Squamish, BC


Turbine: Two (2) double Francis


Generator: Two 12500kW

During routine inspection in August 2016, it was found that the runner and head covers of one of the two turbines required repairs.  There were unexpected impact damages on the runner blade noses and cavitation patches on the pressure side of most blades.  It was critical that the parts were repaired and returned to site in about 4 weeks.  In addition, the sealing surfaces of the head covers were worn and required build up by welding.  The turbine shaft sleeves in the packing boxes were also worn and required repairs or new replacements.  The runner blades were repaired by welding followed by grinding and polishing.  The runner sealing surfaces were machined to restore the concentricity.  The weld repaired head covers were machined to restore the original seal clearances with the runner.  New turbine shaft sleeves were made.


Before repairs:


Shaft Sleeve

Head Covers

Runner Blade



After repairs:


Head Cover


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