Los Bueyes Hydroelectric Project

Dominican Republic



Turbine: One double nozzle Turgo


Generator: One 48kW @ 1800 RPM


Rated head: 42m


Rated flow: 0.175m3/sec


Commissioned: January 2015

This run-of-river project is sponsored by various nations and international institutions, highlighting the Rural Electrification Unit and Suburban (UERS-CDEEE), Program Small Grants Fund for Global Environment (PPS-SGP / GEF / UNDP), the PER Renewable-UNDP, EU Cooperation Directorate (Digecom).  The micro hydro project uses water from Arroyo Grande, a tributary of the river Jamao, to generate electricity to 267 homes, to rural micro enterprises, community centers, schools, and public lighting.



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