Klemtu II Hydro - runner repair

British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: One 820mm double nozzle Pelton


Generator: One 1800kW WEG @ 900 RPM


Rated head: 310m


Rated flow: 0.66m3/sec


Commissioned: November 2009

A large piece was broken off one of the buckets , and small chunks were also worn off a number of buckets as shown in the picture below.  The large piece was welded back onto the bucket.  The other damaged buckets were built up by welding.  Then the repaired runner buckets were CNC machined at their tips to the designed profile.  The machined tips were finished by manual grinding and polishing.  The repaired runner was heat treated to relieve any heat stress from welding and then checked for its dynamic balance.


Before repairs:


After repairs:  

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