Bone Creek Hydroelectric Project - runner repairs

Valemount, British Columbia, Canada



Turbine: Two (2) double Francis


Generator: Two 9500kW Indar @ 900 RPM


Rated head: 148.38m


Rated flow: 7.2m3/sec each turbine


Commissioned: 2011

One of the two runners was shipped to our shop for inspection and repairs late January 2015.  The runner crown and bands at the inlet and the blade inlet edges were worn eroded by sand that went through with water.  The runner blade' outlet edges were worn to paper thin from approximately 4.6mm original thickness.  The blades were repaired by welding.  Erosion was also found on the outer surfaces of the runner bands, and they were repaired by welding followed by machining.  The refurbishment work was completed within 10 weeks.  The power output increases by 3% with the refurbished runners.


Before repairs:



After repairs:


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